From bump to bundle of joy-
let's capture it all! 

Maternity & Newborn photographY
pricing and info

You may have considered professional maternity photos but you worry that you won’t look good, if you’re not a size two supermodel.

Now, I won't sugarcoat it. Being pregnant can be uncomfortable. Your body is going through some wild changes. But fear not! As your trusty maternity photographer, my mission is to make you look and feel like a million bucks during our session. You'll be posing like a pro, feeling like a queen, and rocking that baby bump like nobody's business.

This won't be some rinky-dink
photo shoot with an iphone 

Anyone can take photos nowadays, right? But it takes a special kind of photographer to truly capture you with your curvy new body, your family, and your sweet new babe in a unique artistic manner.

Only an experienced (25+ years) photographer, like me has worked out all the steps to a successful family session. I know how to work my fancy camera in all kinds of situations, have a secret sauce method to ensure that everyone (yes, even Dad-to-be!) has a blast and all the while making sure you look like the goddess that you are.

Capturing the Sweetness of Motherhood 

And here's the best part: once the session is over, you can slip into your comfiest clothes, kick your feet up, and indulge in some well-deserved chocolate therapy. Trust me, it's the perfect way to celebrate your bravery in pushing past any discomfort and doubts.

So, let's capture your radiant glow, your amazing strength, and your undeniable beauty as you embark on this incredible journey. Together, we'll create memories that will make you smile, laugh, and maybe even crave pickles and ice cream simultaneously. It's a win-win!

Are you ready to embrace the belly and have a blast? Let's make it happen, mama!

I want family photos
that make my heart sing!


"Her ability to see such awesome compositions and have them appear so effortlessly is simply magical.."

-Sandra Mills

Asheville Maternity

Photo session prices and options

What's your investment?

Book both sessions before baby is born and save money!

    60-90 minutes each
    Offered 7 days a week at an
    Asheville area location of your


This photo shoot is ideal for maternity session with other children, and newborn sessions (with and without other children).  

    60-90  minutes
    Up to 6 people total
    Offered 7 days a week at your      home or the Asheville outdoor
    location of your choice


Fun and Games
Digital file collections $450 - $1200

At your ordering appointment, after you choose your favorite digital images, you'll have the opportunity to order gift prints, wall art, collages and photo books of your selected images.

Feel free to request the pricing guide if you want to see the options and prices before your Ordering appointment. See samples of printed PRODUCTS.

Welcome style guide, Pinterest board inspiration, phone planning consultation, Zoom viewing and ordering appointment, assistance with printed art work selection and ordering. Session fee does NOT include digital files. 

This super quick mini session is ideal for couples with no children. Please note, you will not get as much variety, poses and backgrounds as the most popular session option. 

    25 - 30 minutes
    Up to 4 people total
    Offered select Mon - Thurs 
    Biltmore Lake location only


Extended Family
Digital file collections $600 - $1500

Short and Sweet
Digital file collections $300 - $900

Most popular!



Choose your session and pay the session fee to hold the date on my calendar. You'll decide on your digital files and products during your viewing and ordering Zoom appointment approximately two weeks after the session. 


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Why you should invest in a  photographer

I want family photos
that make my heart sing!

Frequently asked questions

Yes! I accept payments for your digital file collections and print products. I also accept payments for the session fee, but you will have to pay it in full prior to our photo session. 

I'll be sending you a Welcome style guide that is filled with fashion tips to help you rock your photo session and if you like, you can show me what you've picked out during our pre-session phone chat. I'll give you my feedback on your choices.  

If there's a 40% chance (or more) of rain, then you can decide if you prefer to reschedule, have the session at your home or take a chance and meet for the session as planned. Sorry, no refunds for rainy sessions. 

Full maternity photo sessions can take place at your home, a location of your choice or a one of my favorites spots. My favorite locations include pretty nature, have room to play, explore, and to move around. You can check them out HERE. 

Each location has pros and cons and each has a different look and feel. During your pre-portrait phone consultation, I’ll help you decide which is the best location to tell your family’s story.

"Short and Sweet" Mini maternity sessions take place at Biltmore Lake. You can learn more about this location HERE. 

Most families prefer the convenience of having their newborn session at their home, however you can also choose an outdoor location if you prefer. 

The ideal time to do the session is 6-8 weeks before your due date. This way your belly is nice and round but you are still relatively comfortable. 

New baby sessions can be taken at any time although if you want you baby to be very little, sleepy and curled up then best to have the session within the first two weeks after delivery. Some families prefer their baby to be awake and be more expressive - f this is the case, then best to wait for a month or so. 

I want family photos
that make my heart sing!

What experience are you looking for?

Get details and investment info


These photo shoots are for families, extended families, couples, children and babies (over 6 months).

Showcasing love and connection in an artistic, emotive, and inspired way - creating photos that families are proud to hang above their fireplace.


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Learn more about the products. Your favorite images can be made into an album, collage, gift prints and wall art.

Learn more about the products that you can order. Your favorite images can be made into an album, photo book, collage, gift prints and wall art.

It’s easy to express your style when we craft something one of a kind with meaningful memories.

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These photo shoots are for families, extended families, couples, children and babies (over 6 months). 

What’s the difference between a nine-month pregnant woman and a supermodel?


Nothing - if the pregnant woman's partner knows whats good for them.