Have an Asheville family session you will ALL look forward to 

With cell phones cameras constantly at our fingertips, parents are often stuck behind the lens. Suddenly it’s as if you weren’t even there at all!

I bet you’d love gorgeous photography of your crew, but you wonder if it’s worth the effort and money. Will your toddler be in a good mood? Will your husband be on board? Will you end up with any decent photos at all?

Trying to get your family to cooperative and be happy might seem stressful and chaotic, but trust me, my process is easy and my family photo shoots are fun. 

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Unleash the fun: creative photo shoots for unique families 

During the family session, I’ll suggest movement, simple games and prompts as they make room for real, natural reactions

I have many tricks up my sleeve including, 'Musical Laps' or 'Wiggle, Wiggle' which have never failed at getting the reluctant child to smile.

Families bring their own energy to a shoot. I’ll make suggestions based on what I feel will work well with your family and what will help draw out personalities and connection between family members. Don’t worry, there won’t be any stiff poses here.

No need to ask your child to look at me and say “cheese”. This is the “no-cheese” zone.

I want family photos
that make my heart sing!


"Linnae is so comforting and easy to be around that she really allows everyone to just be themselves. She is A+ at what she does. I especially really appreciate Linnae's skill at knowing exactly when to click to capture seemingly 'un-staged' and real-life images. Our kiddos' personalities really shined, and the experience was just so easy and enjoyable."

- Tara Moss

Asheville Family Photographer

Photo session prices and options

What's your investment?

We'll take group photos of the entire large gathering, each individual family, grand parents with the kiddos, and the list goes on and on! Multi-generational photo sessions make awesome gifts.

    The time varies based on how
    many people in the group

    Offered 7 days a week at the
    Asheville area location of your
    Files and prints sold separately

               SESSION FEE

This photo shoot is ideal for families with babies, toddlers and children of all ages. Allows for plenty of time for playfulness, breaks and ton of fun! 

    50 - 60  minutes
    Up to 6 people total
    Offered 7 days a week at the
    Asheville area location of your
    Files and prints sold separately

                SESSION FEE

$200 + 20 per person (over 6)

Fun and Games
Digital file collections $450 - $1200

At your ordering appointment, you'll choose your favorite digital images. You then have the opportunity to order gift prints, wall art, collages and photo books of your selected images.

Feel free to request the pricing guide if you want to see the options and prices before your Ordering appointment. See samples of printed PRODUCTS.

Welcome style guide, Pinterest board inspiration, phone planning consultation, Zoom viewing and ordering appointment, assistance with printed art work selection and ordering. Session fee does NOT include digital files. 

This super quick mini session is ideal for small families (with school age children). Please note, you will not get as much variety, poses and backgrounds as the most popular session option. 

    25 - 30 minutes
    Up to 4 people total
    Offered select Mon - Thurs 
    Biltmore Lake location only
    Files and prints sold separately
              SESSION FEE

Extended Family
Digital file collections $600 - $1500

Short and Sweet
Digital file collections $300 - $900




Choose your session and pay the session fee to hold your date on my calendar. You'll decide on your digital files and products during your viewing and ordering Zoom appointment - approximately two weeks after the session. 

I want family photos
that make my heart sing!

Frequently asked questions

Yes! I accept payments for your digital file collections and print products. I also accept payments for the session fee, but you will have to pay it in full prior to our photo session. 

I'll be sending you a Welcome style guide that is filled with fashion tips to help you rock your photo session and if you like, you can show me what you've picked out during our pre-session phone chat. I'll give you my feedback on your choices.  

If there's a 40% chance (or more) of rain, then you can decide if you prefer to reschedule, have the session at your home or take a chance and meet for the session as planned. Sorry, no refunds for rainy sessions. 

"Fun and Games" and "Extended Family" photo sessions can take place at your home, a location of your choice or a one of my favorites spots. My favorite locations include pretty nature, have room to play, explore, and to move around. You can check them out HERE. 

Each location has pros and cons and each has a different look and feel. During your pre-portrait phone consultation, I’ll help you decide which is the best location to tell your family’s story.

"Short and Sweet" Mini sessions take place at Biltmore Lake. You can learn more about this location HERE. 

Absolutely. I love when furry friends join our photo sessions. If we'll be outdoors, just be sure to let me know so we can plan a location that will work well with your dog(s).

I want family photos
that make my heart sing!

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These shoots are designs for families and couples that want maternity and newborn pictures. A grand adventure is about to begin! You have just short window of time to capture these moments because they go by in a flash and you can’t go back in time. These are moments that you don’t want to miss out on. 


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Learn more about the products. Your favorite images can be made into an album, collage, gift prints and wall art.

Learn more about the products that you can order. Your favorite images can be made into an album, photo book, collage, gift prints and wall art.

It’s easy to express your style when we craft something one of a kind with meaningful memories.

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These photo shoots are for families, extended families, couples, children and babies (over 6 months). 

"Your camera takes really nice pictures!"

 "Thanks, I taught it everything it knows."