There will be no whining about this playdate-like family photo session! It'll be filled with silly games, tickle fights and squishy hugs




Hey there tired and slightly delirious parent! We all know that raising little ones can feel like an endless cycle of diaper changes, feedings, and sleepless nights. But before you know it, that tiny bundle of joy will be running around and demanding snacks like they own the place.

So, how do you find the time and energy to make your photos a priority with everything else that needs to get done?

While I can’t provide a magic wand and suddenly give you a baby who sleeps through the night, any extra hours in your day, or more “me” time, I CAN give you an enjoyable and playful experience that’s full of spontaneous grins and cuddles - which will produce the most magical family photos you've ever had!

From diapers to delight:
because they won't stay little forever

You worry that your kids are going to zoom around like tiny Tornados and you think that there’s NO WAY that any Asheville photographer could capture your family in a moment of calm and joy.

No worries. I got you. During our photo shoot, you won't find me contorting your body into unnatural poses and telling you to "smile for the camera." That a sure fire way to create awkwardness and cheesy grins.

Instead, it means: silly faces, bear hugs and laughter - the expressions of joy that you only get when enjoying yourselves - because you just can’t fake that!

Just think of my session as a family “playdate” where my camera is there to catch all the action and everyone’s joy and your individuality will shine in your photos.

Unleash your family's playful side
Let's have a playdate photoshoot

Even the most picture adverse parents and kids are guaranteed to have a great time. With lots of games and tricks up my sleeve, I can promise giggles will be the main sound you hear throughout the session.

Imagine if your spouse actually enjoyed the shoot and the photos hanging on your walls showed genuine happiness - rather than fake stiff smiles.

It’s not a fairy tale. It’s what you can expect when you book a photo session with this Asheville photographer.

And let's be real, as much as we love our families, there are days when we could use a little reminder of why we signed up for this crazy ride in the first place.  

Beyond forced smiles:
Capturing true joy   

Hi. I'm Linnae Harris

Here's the nitty gritty about this Asheville photographer

Am a mom too and know how to put families at ease

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Photographed over 600 families since 2010

Won many awards for my family photography

Taught photography to adults & high school students 

"We first had our photos taken with Linnae a couple years ago, so we already had full confidence that she could work her magic and create beautiful family photos. 

Linnae was a total pro, and we were put at ease by her guidance during the shoot. She helped us to feel natural, and encouraged us to be ourselves. Even during a full blown toddler meltdown, she knew what to do and seemed un-phased."

-Stephanie Bower


An amazing Asheville Photographer

An amazing
Asheville Photographer

How this Asheville photography session works

You'll receive the digital files you purchased as well as your wall art, gift prints and photo books. 

Choose a date and pay your session fee to this Asheville photographer to secure a spot on my calendar. Receive the welcome and style guide.

During this 20-30 minute chat, I provide details about the process and
answer all your questions. 

We'll meet at a beautiful outdoor location or your home for a relaxed, playful time together. 

This is the grand reveal where you'll see your family's beautiful smiles. This is when you'll choose your files and printed pieces. 

1. Book your session
2. Phone consult
3. Super fun shoot
4. Zoom ordering appointment
5. Deliver of your files and art

I want family photos
that make my heart sing!

My photography and guest articles and  can be seen on:

"I really appreciate what you do. You captured many of Annalise's expressions that I know so well. They may seem subtle to other people but they are HER, and it will mean a lot to remember them as she continues to grow and change."

-Julia Kind


Appreciation for this Asheville photographer

Appreciation for this Asheville photographer

I'm so confident that you'll end up with photos that you LOVE and that ooze raw genuine emotion, that I’ll offer you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you’re not happy!

Making authentic moments happen as an Asheville photographer can be challenging, but after 13 years as a professional photographer, I got it figured out.

Shhhhh, I’ll tell you my secret.....
These heartfelt moments don’t always happen when you want them to or in the “in between” moments like some photographers claim. I believe in creating the moments by playing silly games in beautiful pockets of light!

I offer an Asheville photography guarantee! Yep. You read that right 

What experience are you looking for?

Get details and investment info



These photo shoots are for families, extended families, couples, children and babies (over 6 months).

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These shoots are designs for families and couples that want maternity and newborn pictures. A grand adventure is about to begin! You have just short window of time to capture these moments because they go by in a flash and you can’t go back in time. These are moments that you don’t want to miss out on. 


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Learn more about the products that you can order. Your favorite images can be made into an album, photo book, collage, gift prints and wall art.

It’s easy to express your style when we craft something one of a kind with meaningful memories.

These photo shoots are for families, extended families, couples, children and babies (over 6 months).
Showcasing love and connection in an artistic, emotive, and inspired way - creating photos that families are proud to hang above their fireplace.

These shoots are designs for families and couples that want maternity and newborn pictures. 

Learn more about the products that you can order. Your favorite images can be made into an album, photo book, collage, gift prints and wall art.


"Our photo shoot had a super relaxed and playful feel. We laughed a lot and had so much fun. We ended up with SO many gorgeous images that are now hanging throughout our house."

-Melina Bridges

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I want family photos
that make my heart sing!

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